Why are we Switching to Mailchimp?

Flodesk recently updated their terms and conditions (without any advance notice) and have since informed us that they will no longer support the real estate industry.

Because of their decision, we didn't have any other choice but to move to Mailchimp. We have no idea when (or if) Flodesk will remove your access to their platform. And again, they haven’t been cooperative with us, so we can’t make any promises that you’ll get to keep your work.

We do, however, have an action plan for you!

Next Steps:

  • Download your contacts: Here’s a quick link to a Flodesk tutorial that gives you the scoop on how to export your contacts into a CSV.
  • Save your templates: Here’s a tutorial video on how you can save a copy of your email templates right from Flodesk.
  • Watch the new lessons about Mailchimp: (hint - this starts in Week 3)
  • Sign-up for your Mailchimp Account: Click here to sign-up.
  • Tip: Before you make the move officially, be sure to turn off any Facebook Ads that may be directing traffic to Flodesk landing pages.

You can also feel free to reach out to Flodesk directly to request a refund at: [email protected] 

Although this wasn’t an easy choice, we want to be sure we are providing you with the BEST tools!

We hope this helps!

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